Send a virtual hug and stay connected

While we are all isolated and feeling a little alone, we want everybody to stay united.

As humans we need connection & interaction in our lives to remain healthy. Feel The Magic is all about human #connection, and hugs are one of the ways we achieve that – and we know how hard it is to be without them!

So let’s all keep them at large in our lives by sending a virtual hug and staying connected.


Here’s how you can do it

Draw a heart on your hand and take a selfie or video.

Upload and share on all your Socials, tag Feel the Magic.

Tag 7 people and challenge them to do the same!

Use hashtags #connection & #feelthemagic.



Why Tag 7 people?

By tagging seven of your friends or family in one go, represents connecting with one person for each day of the week.

You can find Feel the Magic on the following social media platforms:


Let’s bring some love and #connection back to our world one selfie at a time


P.S: Even during this time, grief and loss doesn’t stop for our young people! They already live with the isolation that grief often presents, so our services must continue. We are working extremally hard to take all or support services virtually to help support the healing process of grieving children and teens. If you’re in a position to make a donation we greatly appreciate that and you can do so by clicking on the donate button below.