Why Disneyland

Why Disneyland?

Anyone that has heard of Disneyland knows, it is a place like no other, and it’s certainly not just for kids.

In 2013, James and Kristy experienced Disneyland first hand after the loss of both James parents. He wanted to be able to share that journey with families that had experienced the sadness of loss and the sometimes overwhelming heartache that follows. From this trip, Feel the Magic® was born!

Disneyland is a magical place in more ways than one, and not only has it been described as ‘the happiest place on earth’, but a feast for the senses awaits anyone who walks through the gates. Quite simply, it is a place of fantasy, a place where the weight of the world can be temporarily lifted from the shoulders of those too young to carry something so heavy. Every detail of the park is focussed on transporting the guest to a place where the outside world is barely a whisper. Once inside, park employees, or cast members as they are known, go out of their way to make sure your time within the walls of Disneyland is an unforgettable one, for both young and the young at heart. The most up to date technology enables us to experience worlds and stories that are generally reserved for the screen or the imagination. The food is something else altogether, from Mickey shaped pancakes to sinks full of ice cream, a gastronomical journey of a lifetime.

What does all of this do? It makes us forget the pain and heartache for just a short time, but sometimes, that’s all it takes.

This is why we have chosen Disneyland as the perfect place for a grieving family. It provides them the opportunity to reconnect as a new family unit, allows kids to be kids and for the adults to reconnect with their inner child in the most magical way. It is an essential break from the stress and intensity that grief often brings.

The sign above the archway as you enter Disneyland says a lot

“Here You Leave Today
And Enter the World
Of Yesterday, Tomorrow
And Fantasy”