Scott Pye Joins Team Magic

Scott Pye Joins Team Magic
Feelthemagic, May 30, 2019

Scott Pye Joins Team Magic

Supercars Championship Driver Scott Pye, now a proud Ambassador for Feel the Magic!

Scott Pye is an Australian professional racing driver for Walkinshaw Andretti United in the Virgin Supercars championship.

Scott knows all too well the devastation that grief and loss causes and is a classic example of how with the right support and attitude, you can overcome adversity and still pursue your dreams.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Scott join our team of Feel the Magic Ambassadors.

“Having lost my Father at nineteen I can understand the difficulties of overcoming the feeling of loss and grief whilst not having a support network that could understand what I was going through. It is an honour and privilege to be an ambassador for Feel the Magic, a program dedicated to helping overcome the challenges and changes in your life that losing a loved one will cause”.

See Scott make the announcement here,

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Grief can feel like being adrift in stormy seas. At Feel the Magic®, we offer lifelines of hope and help to families who have suffered unimaginable losses. We hope you’ll join us by donating, volunteering your time or subscribing to our newsletter for regular updates on our work.


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