Scott Micallef

Volunteer Profile – Scott Micallef



How many camps have you attended?

11 – I think!

Why do you volunteer for Feel the Magic®?

I love helping others and it makes me feel fulfilled.

What is your favourite season and why?

Definitely Summer when I see the kids remembering their loved ones in a positive way.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard about grief?

That it’s different for everyone. It’s a journey and it affects people for many years. It’s a tough road, but one you don’t have to be alone on. I think seeing all the kids grieve together is the best stepping stone to helping to start to heal the feelings they aren’t talking about.

What inspires you about our campers?

Seeing how they grow. I have seen had a lot of return Campers and to see them from three years ago until what they are now is incredible. They have grown and really understand the emotions they are feeling. They are better educated and I can see many of them helping others.

A final note from Scott:

Anything I can do to help Feel the Magic I would love to do. It’s my one passion in life that I truly love!