Mel Rahme

Volunteer Profile – Mel Rahme



How many camps have you attended?


Why do you volunteer for Feel the Magic®?

I have always been a caring and nurturing person. When I experienced my own grief and the roller-coaster ride it takes you on, I also witnessed how it affected those around me.  As a result, I wanted to find a place where I could support young people who are dealing with grief . When I heard about Feel the Magic and what it does, I was hooked, I knew I had found a place that I could make a difference in young grieving lives and provide them with the support they need to grow with their grief and turn it into a positive part of their story, rather than view it as a burden.

What is your favourite season and why?

Summer. Not only because it is a time of celebration, but also because there are Campers who may have not yet experienced their Summer and seeing people around them talk about their experience of Summer and that it is possible to reach that point, gives them hope.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard about grief?

Grief is not something you can get over or forget. It is something that will stay with you forever. It is not something that is straight forward or a one-way street. It is something that will continually bring you ups and downs – and sometimes when you least expect it. Grief is something that you learn to grow with and acknowledge as a part of your story.

What inspires you about our campers?

Their resilience. At such a young age, these kids have gone through the toughest thing that anyone will have to face in their life. They are the strongest children you will ever meet and each volunteer walks away empowered by the growth they see them go through at Camp.

A final note from Mel:

Volunteering for Feel the Magic is hands down the best decision I ever made. From the beginning I was welcomed in with open arms and have felt like I have found a second family. It has provided me with tools that help me be a better person, both in my professional and personal life.