Magic Journey Experience

The Magic Journey Experience

The Magic Journey that families experience at Disneyland is an essential break from the stress and intensity that grief often brings. However, it’s not just a chance to escape the sadness, but a cathartic journey with purpose.

It’s a way for the new family structure to share magical experiences, bond and honour their loved one in the most amazing way. It’s an incredible gift of hope during the toughest of times. During their time at Disneyland, the healing process begins by bringing happiness back into the lives of those grieving and creating new memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

For many years, Disney has used some of their feature films, not only to entertain, but to teach. Movies like Coco, Up and The Good Dinosaur have lessons of loss, change, healing, hope and family. It is not hard to find other examples of Disney’s healing ability. So what better place to begin a healing journey than being surrounded by characters and images that have brought joy to so many.

From the moment a family is told they have been nominated and selected to go to Disneyland the excitement begins. With imaginations running wild, planning and talking about the Magical adventure, it’s a great distraction from the daily grind that they are forced to become used to. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that lifts spirits and brings families together.

Each family that is chosen for a Magical Journey experience receives an all expenses paid 10 day on land trip to the happiest place on earth. The family will also be accompanied by a Feel the Magic® chaperone who is there to make the family’s experience stress free and guide them on their journey to healing.


The Webster's Experience

Nikki, Rian and Jordyn Webster, share their Magic Journey Experience

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The Sloan's Experience

Wendy, Bailey, Preston and Bella, share their Magic Journey Experience

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The Gerigk's Experience

Tricia, Sophie, Carla and Megan, share their Magic Journey Experience

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The BG's Experience

Sonia, John, Tamika, Bella, Max, Sam and Zac, share their Magic Journey Experience

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