The Stevens Family

On the 18th of March 2015, our lives changed forever! My husband and Zach’s Dad passed away after a very short battle with cancer. Zach had just turned ten years of age. The days, weeks and months that followed were so hard for Zach. He was sad, angry and felt that no one knew how he was feeling, no longer having his Dad here with him. Zach’s friends just didn’t understand just how losing his father affected him.

Zach sees a counsellor which helps, however meeting another child that had lost a parent was what I thought he needed. I came across Feel the Magic® online and couldn’t believe such and amazing thing existed, it sounded and looked amazing.  Zach said it looked great but he wasn’t going! I applied anyway and was super excited, even though Zach had every excuse not to go, he was very curious.

April 2017, we left Melbourne to head to Sydney for our first Camp Magic® experience. Zach’s Mentor Gavin was friendly and happy when he greeted us. Zach was very quiet and extremely nervous. Zach cried when we said goodbye, but I felt so comfortable leaving him there. Even with his separation anxiety, I knew he was in good hands. Everyone was friendly, kind and caring.

When I arrived to pick Zach up on Sunday, he looked so happy and had so much fun performing at the closing ceremony with his group. This made cry many tears of joy as I had not seen him this happy in so long. Zach told me it was the best thing I had done for him and that he no longer felt alone. Zach mentioned that he almost came home, but told me he decided to stay as he was really having a good time..

Zach’s mentor Gavin, was amazing for him. He could not stop talking about camp and Gavin, he even said that Dad would have liked Gavin too.

Since being home we talk about grief with the tools he got on camp, especially to describe how he is feeling. I have also had improvement when getting Zach to sleep at night.

What Camp Magic® has done for Zachary is awesome, I cannot thank them enough. Zach plans to attend many more camps over the coming years.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kind Regards

Michelle Stevens

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