The Sloan’s Experience

My grandchildren Bailey, Preston, Isabella and I, were fortunate enough to have been selected as recipients for the Magic Journey Experience.

Our adventure began on 1st of March 2015, when James rang to say Happy birthday to Preston and tell the kids they were going to Disneyland. I will never forget the response from the kids, there were screams, laughter and tears.

Our trip was planned for 27th May 2015. Having never been out of the country before, Grandma was rather anxious leading up to our trip. The kids had never been on a plane and were very excited.

We were honoured to share our Disneyland adventure with our amazing chaperone, Peter Maloney from Feel the Magic®. Peter ensured we had the most amazing holiday, he was supportive and very enthusiastic.

Our days were spent running from one ride to another and taking so many photos. There was lots of shopping and a trip to Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm and five pairs of very tired feet each night.

The look of excitement on the kids’ faces every minute of every day will always stay with me. Little things like American light switches and toilets entertained them. They loved their hotel with its lovely pool and spa.

While at Disneyland we released a special balloon to my beautiful daughter Emma. It was a very emotional time for us all; but also, a time for healing.

Our Disneyland trip played an enormous role in the healing process.

We will be forever grateful to the amazing Feel the Magic® family and all the wonderful people that donated to make our Disneyland adventure come true. Being given this amazing opportunity has helped us bond more tightly as a new family unit.

Wendy Sloan

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