The Hausman Family

Life was great! Craig had celebrated his 40th birthday; I was 37 years and pleased to still have a few years before celebrating mine. We had celebrated 12 years married; we had three healthy daughters, Jessica 9, Mia 7 and Sophia 4. Craig owned his own plumbing business and there was enough work for him to pay the bills and I was working part-time in an office for a local company.

Craig was a passionate golfer, great mate to many and above everything he was an amazing husband and father. What more could I have wished for…. Nothing! That was until the last Friday of June 2013 when he woke complaining of a sore knee. He went off to work and returned less than two hours later, when I heard the door open I called out saying ‘I’ve just put the kettle on Babe, want to join me in a coffee date?’ He responded with ‘If I can get up these stairs I may’. It was then I knew he wasn’t well. He sounded terrible, like he had got the flu and his tone indicated how much pain he was in, he even struggled to walk up the stairs with his sore knee as it had worsened. It was raining and cold outside but how could he get the flu so extreme in such a short time and what had he done to his knee?

I drove him to see a Doctor where he was diagnosed with having the flu and gout to the knee. Craig was a fit and healthy guy so this didn’t match his profile but hey he just turned 40 and the saying we all know is ‘it’s all downhill from here’ so that’s how we lightened the moment. We were told by the Doctor and friends how painful gout can be. How a severe case can last up to a week, how the pain can be excruciatingly painful and how he’ll be stuck in bed and walking to the toilet will be a painful mission. Equipped with this information Craig spent the next 72 hours taking the prescribed medication although it didn’t seem to help in the slightest.  His leg was completely swollen, the pain was excruciating and he still seemed to have a severe case of the flu.

It was Monday 1st July and first day of school holidays. I drove my youngest to childcare and hired crutches at the pharmacy before work as Craig could no longer walk and I wouldn’t be there to assist him. I left the two eldest at home to care for their Daddy. I called the Doctors to get the results of Craig’s bloods. Three hours passed when I got the call from Craig ‘It’s not gout! You need to pick up my results and take me to the hospital now!’

By the time we reached the hospital Craig really wasn’t in a good way. It didn’t take the Doctors long to realise he did not have gout or the flu. They worked out he had an infection to the knee but it would take time to culture it to work out what type. The details – you don’t find out till later, answers were always light and fluffy but what I do know is that before midnight on 3rd July 2013 my husband’s body couldn’t fight the rapid and cruel bacterial infection known as Streptococcus Pyogenes Septic Arthritis any longer, his organs had shut down from having Toxic Shock Syndrome.

As if this time wasn’t painful enough I then had to tell our three girls that their Daddy had died. I will never forget this moment. I can’t imagine having a more difficult task ever again!  The pain in their cries was deafening and I didn’t know when it would end or how to stop it.

When the screams stopped it was my eldest then said two things. One, “how will I know where my soccer match is, cause Daddy gets the emails” and two, “Daddy promised to take us to Disneyland”.

To think there is an organisation called ‘Feel the Magic’ that has been created to support bereaved children is amazing. To think my family has been chosen by ‘Feel the Magic’ is unthinkable and incredible. Feel the Magic is making true on my husband’s promise to his three little girls, I’m not sure if I will ever find enough correct words to express my gratitude towards thanking ‘Feel the Magic’ but I will spend the rest of my days trying.

Melissa Hausman

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