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Libby Day was a loving wife, Mum, daughter, sister, and friend.

28th July 2009 is a day I don’t forget. It was the day Libby aged 44 was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That day she was given an info pack about secondary breast cancer. In the months leading up to it she was experiencing some back pain. The next week we learnt that the pain she was having was in fact cancer of the spine. It was hard telling the girls who were 6 & 8 at the time. As the saying goes “You get busy living or you get busy dying” and despite all the anguish and uncertainty Libby got on with it.

Libby had a unique gift and ability to not only kneel down to those in need, but to also lift them up to a greater height. She could make you feel loved and important. This is a quality you can’t teach. When Libby loved you she loved you with everything she had. Whether you be a husband, child, direct family member or friend of one of the girls she would welcome you into her life.

The main thing that Libby would want to be remembered as is a loving Mum. She never took parenting for granted and had a great love of not only our girls’ but also our nieces & nephews and any of our girls’ friends.

Libby was patient, kind, compassionate, funny, practical and exceptional at multi tasking. She was resilient and as tough as they come. I’m yet to meet anyone tougher. Cancer didn’t define Libby it more so brought her special qualities to the surface and inspired others around her. Libby didn’t promote that she was terminally ill, nor did she seek pity from it, but if asked she would generally be open to talk about it. Libby battled cancer with everything she had, but we who knew and loved her didn’t expect anything less.

In late 2005 Libby heard about the Interchange Program, a service that offers respite for families with children with a disability.We got matched up with a 4-year-old girl named Stephanie in early 2006. Once a month we would welcome Steph for a weekend. It’s was a win,win for all, our girls made a new friend and it provided some respite for Steph’s family. Even in the midst of Libby’s illness and treatment Libby would still commit to Stephs visits.

She was intensely loyal to those she loved. She had a quiet determination and this was displayed in numerous ways. Like at Gemma’s 12th Birthday Party in March 2013, just over 3 months before Libby died where with cancer progressing through her body she showed her daughters and others that she could still roller skate. A pastime that took her back to her childhood.

Libby loved nothing better than to cuddle her girls to sleep. Years ago it occasionally used to frustrate me and I would ask her who was getting the most benefit out of it. It’s only in the last few years I realise this is making up for numerous lost opportunities for cuddles in the future.

I am missing Libby incredibly especially her love & devotion of me, Gemma and Eboni. I miss our chats, the texts we sent each other during the day, the way she prepared and organised us at home, her kindness, warmth, humor, smile and beauty. I’ll miss birthdays in our house where they didn’t just last for one day. I’ll miss her willing herself to get out of bed to pack and see her girls off to school when it would’ve been so much easier to stay in bed. This is something she continued to do right up until mid June 2013, where it became physically too hard.

Libby died peacefully with family by her side at Daw House Hospice on the 6th July 2013 aged 48.

The future

This special trip to Disneyland will allow us to heal and enjoy time out from the hustle and bustle of life. Life has changed so much since Libby died and in many ways we as a family have some big decisions to make. Gemma and Eboni have lost more than a doting Mum they have lost the perfect role model. It will be a chance to forget about the hardships of the past few years and honnour our Libby.We thank the Feel the Magic Foundation for their compassion and unconditional love.

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