The Wright Family

At approximately 4pm on 21st February 2014 we were ushered into a waiting room while 30 medical staff bustled around our little girl. We had only been there for a few minutes but it felt like hours when a doctor came into the room and asked us to take a seat so he could ask us a few questions. First he asked what had happened, we explained that a large branch had fallen from a tree and Bridget had taken the full brunt of it down her right hand side, he then told us that unfortunately there was nothing they could do and our little princess had passed away.

On what was an ordinary day until 1pm soon turned into the worst nightmare any parent can experience, and the many sleepless nights and episodes of crying have not helped. We see her everywhere and in everyone, she was so full of life and in every way possible had to be part of it no matter if it was work or fun Bridget wanted to be involved. Our little princess was a giving girl who only saw the best in people and only wanted to give to everyone around her. During her day-to-day life she would try her best at whenever she was doing and would help all those around her to be friendly and achieve the best they could. From the moment she would awake in the morning the smile that would light her face would shine in my life and guide my way through the day until I was lucky enough to see that smile again after school. It is exhausting to believe that such an unfortunate accident took the life of someone so beautiful and loving, so energetic and full of life and left a small community grieving and wondering why.

Then there is Abigail, her big sister who now feels lonely and lost without her constant companion. She has been a rock for many around her including many of Bridget’s friends who are now looking to her for the comfort and friendship they received from Bridget. In many ways Abi has been our strength and we are grateful there is a way, as a family, we can bring some love and enjoyment back into her life with this once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland which has been made possible by Feel the Magic.

James and Alaina Wright

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